Ditch Singlehood and Hop on! #SpeedDating Is The New ISH

Not into someone? No sweat! I mean how awesome is that? Think about it; Speed Dating is the in thing in today’s dating world and why not? Just one date and you get to meet not one, but several prospective matches! Unlike traditional dates you don’t get stuck compulsorily carrying on a conversation you sure as hell don’t want to, you get to chat up many eligible singles and find your perfect match!  5 other reasons why speed dating is bae if you’re single and so ready to mingle;

1. Saves you a whole lot of pressure

Here’s the thing, most traditional dates come with a lot of pressure; whether or not there’s any attraction/ connection somehow you have to sit through  say an hour smiling and being polite with your patience thinning out by the minute. But in speed dating after your session with one person which is like 10 minutes max, off you, you get the privilege of never interacting with them ever, unless you want to that is.

2. Time and emotions don’t get wasted

You know how frustrated you tend to feel when after the roller coaster ride; time, emotions and resources invested, it just doesn’t work out? In speed dating rejection is minimal because say for instance the feeling isn’t mutual with your choice and you two don’t get matched eventually, you don’t get to lose much because you haven’t really invested much in terms of time or emotions.

3. Common purpose

Speed dating offers an exciting thrill; everyone comes with the common purpose of meeting so they’re more open and ready to meet someone new, unlike normal dating where the excitement may not be mutual, dampening your spirit.

4. Saves you a lot of boredom

Couple at a party

Boring topics, awkward pauses…totally doesn’t exist in speed dating world! You get to know prospective partners you connect with and the ones who bore you to death you ditch, after all it’s just a few minutes. Speed dating offers you the luxury of knowing whom you most likely are compatible with as you just tend to flow with this person almost immediately. A great start if you ask me.

5. Perfect relaxing romantic ambience

Imagine having luxury for almost nothing? When it comes to dates, impression is a huge deal so going to one cheap ass place isn’t going to do your reputation any good. However with speed dating you get a comfortable, classy and downright romantic atmosphere for a minute fee. In other words – It’s inexpensive. Plus you get free drinks and munchies, cool huh?

Speed dating – sounds fun huh? Well what are you waiting for, don’t be left out Valentine’s around the corner; if you’re single and looking for an opportunity to meet other eligible singles out there, you’re so in luck! With just N2,000, you can hook up with other singles come February 11 at Sheraton Hotel, time 2pm. Don’t miss it!

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